T.S. Jesse knows that sometimes its in the stars

T.S. Jesse loves astrology so when her telescope breaks she rushes out to get a new one. A man shopping in the store overhears her explaining to the clerk what kind of telescope she wants. He can tell that she knows her stuff and he’s instantly attracted. He approaches her and makes small talk about the stars. T.S. can see where this night is going so she invites him back to her place to test out her new telescope. They set it up in her room and begin looking at the stars. As the man is gazing through the microscope, T.S. slips up behind him and starts pulling down his pants. He starts to turn around, but T.S. turns his ass back around and tells him to keep looking at the stars. Suddenly, T.S.’s rock hard cock enters the man’s ass. Soon he sees a whole new set of stars when T.S. Jesse cums deep in his tight ass.