Sometimes Sunshyne Monroe gets some help cleaning up

Sunshyne Monroe cleans rooms at her local hotel. One morning she goes to a hotel patron’s door since she does not see a do not disturb sign. A gorgeous young man answers the door with his shirt off. Sunshyne tries to hide the fact that she is instantly horny as the guy invites her in to clean the room. As she’s cleaning, Sunshyne looks back and sees the man staring at her ass several times so she lifts the back of her skirt to give him a peek. He can’t help but start playing with his cock looking at Sunshyne’s luscious ass. The man gets up out of bed and walks toward her. He kneels down behind her, pulls her panties to the side and starts licking her ass. Sunshyne’s cock gets so hard that it starts stretching her panties. The man doesn’t hesitate to give her a proper reach around until she cums all over his hand.