Natalia Coxxx finds out what’s behind the locked janitors door

College student, Natalia Coxxx, was pleased to find out that the boy she had a crush on in her American History class was assigned to be Hall Monitor for the week. She wandered the hall between classes hoping he would see her. She never imagined anything would happen. She just wanted to be alone with him. He finally saw her one day as she snuck past her class. He looked so hot writing her up in his little pad that she couldn’t help herself. She reached out and grabbed his cock. He froze and she thought she was in big trouble. He grabbed her by the wrist and led her down the hall. Suddenly he ducked into the Janitor’s closet and pulled her in with him. He caressed her beautiful brown ass and reached between her legs. He must have known what she was packing because he dropped to his knees and sucked Natalia’s cock deep down his throat.