Long time friends, but new lovers

The awesome Mandy Mitchell and super hot Sasha Sweet went out and had a lot to drink last night. A lot! Sasha tried to come on to Mandy but they were both too drunk and decided to wait. They woke up cuddling and Mandy turned over to Sasha and kissed her bare nipples to wake her up, and Sasha smiled. They kissed and Mandy stroked her friend’s thickening and hardening cock and rubbed her balls too. Sasha pushed Mandy back onto the bed and took Mandy’s giant throbbing cock inside her mouth, sucking and slurping with all her hunger. That was enough for Mandy to want to go much further. Sasha bent over and presented her tight asshole to Mandy and Mandy plunged right inside as Sasha moaned and cried in pleasure. They fucked harder and harder until Sasha couldn’t take any more and came like a river all over Mandy’s bed.