Holly Harlow looks just like Barbie at the beach only better

Holly Harlow was always obsessed with her Beach Barbie. She used to love to dress her up in a pink bathing suit and act like she was going to the beach to meet Ken. Holly dreamed of one day walking on the beach in that same pink bikini, wiggling her ass and driving all the boys crazy. Holly got older and pretty soon she had the body for it. She put on that pink bikini, flipped her blonde hair in the breeze and all the boys on the beach stood at attention. She had her eye on one guy since she arrived so he’s the one she waved over. The more they talked, the more Holly’s cock throbbed and stuck out the side of her bikini. The infatuated boy took it in his hand and kissed her passionately. Holly’s cock grew bigger and harder in his grip so he bent over and took it deep into his mouth.