Chance encounter with an evening friend

Ashley George went out with a few friends tonight. They really got wild and tried almost every kind of shot and cocktail that there is. She stumbles into her apartment and only then realizes how horny she is. She’s all set to stroke herself out into a massive orgasm when the doorbell rings. It’s one of the guys she had been hitting on that night. She thinks: why not? She pulls him in by the collar and kisses him deeply while stroking his throbbing cock still trapped inside his jeans. He pulls off her bra and throws it against the wall and starts rubbing her nice round breasts and pinching her nipples. That turns her on so much that she throws him down on the bed and starts ravenously sucking his cock. That doesn’t last long because they’re both so horny that he starts driving his meat inside her right away, and it lasts all night long.