Being in the closet was not what Jonelle Brooks thought it was

Jonelle Brooks had a crush on her neighbor. He was recently divorced so she went over to his house while he was at work, knowing that no one would be home. She went into his room and started picking up his clothes and smelling them. She walked over to his wardrobe to try on his shirts and she heard him pull up in the driveway. He came home early! She climbed in the closet and watched him through the crack in the door as he took off all his clothes. He opened his wardrobe and there was Jonelle , looking up at him in nothing but her panties. He was taken aback, but instantly wanted to touch her supple body. He pulled her panties off as she sat in the closet, turned her around and slid his cock deep inside her quivering ass then reached around and jacked her off to orgasm.