Bailey Jay has a vision cum true

Bailey Jay put on her sexiest dress and spent hours on her hair and make-up to go to a Rockabilly Bar with the girls. They had planned it for weeks and Bailey couldn’t wait to see what kind of cute greaser guys would show up. The time had finally come and Bailey and her girls strutted in the bar like they owned it. Bailey’s eyes scanned the room and fixated on a good looking stud staring at her from the end of the bar. He had slick black hair, tight jeans, tattoos and cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of his t-shirt. The way he was looking at Bailey, her cock started to poke through her dress, but she tucked it back in and sauntered over to buy the hot, young greaser a drink. She had a vision of this mysterious boy sliding his throbbing cock in her ass. A few hours and several drinks later; Bailey’s vision came true.