An old toy for a fun night

Adrianna Lynn loves feeling fine on a good night. She’s going out and going to find someone to have a really sexy time with. But first she had to take care of a few things. She took her long and luxurious brown hair and dyed it a hot cherry red. Then, even though she hadn’t worn them for a long time, she dug around in her chest of hot clothes and sexy toys to find her black fishnet stockings. So awesome. Of course, looking around in there she noticed a lot of things she hadn’t seen in awhile. She knew she had a little time, so she took out a big black dildo and her fleshlight and decided to have some fun. She put on some candles and sat down on the bed and started by stroking herself. Then she plunges the cock deep inside the fleshlight as she gently eases the dildo inside her ass.